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Honoring the Legacy of a Sports Icon

Hank Sevillian Bringing Back the Buffalo Pioneer’s Track & Field Club

Our Foundation Celebrating the Noble Work of a Track Star

The Hank Sevillian Foundation is a nonprofit organization that honors the legacy of Hank Sevillian. As the founder of the Buffalo Pioneers Track and Field Club and mentor to countless individuals, he has made a significant impact on our community over the past four decades. We aim to celebrate his deeds and his life and continue all the work he has started.

100 yard dash king
Hank Sevillian, the 100 Yard Dash King.

Our Trailblazer

Henry "Hank" Sevillian was born and raised on the east side of Buffalo, New York. He graduated from Burgard High School where he earned the title “The 100-Yard Dash King” by the Buffalo Newspapers in 1949.  After graduation, he was drafted into the United States Army and served as a Paratrooper in the Korean War.  While serving in the Army, he continued his athletic career to include:  boxing, football, basketball, and of course, track and field.  Not only was he a top sprinter, but he also excelled in all of the field events to include the triple jump, high jump, discus and javelin. 

"Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story."

Josh Shipp

Coming Back with a mission

Hank Sevillian served as a United States Army paratrooper during World War II. He returned home to Buffalo, NY with a dream and mission to make a positive impact on the Youth within his community.

Coach Sevillian created the Buffalo Pioneers Track & Field Club. Over five decades, he empowered generations of Buffalo youth to excel in athletics and more importantly, in life.

Using track and field as the vehicle to teach countless kids the biggest of all lessons: how to believe in themselves.


Countless Lives inspired

Coach Sevillian kept his runners on their toes on and off the field - it wasn't uncommon for him to enter runners in field events, he knew they would grow. He set the standards high and made sure his runners knew he believed in them on and off of the track.

Resources were never an issue; however, grades were a deal killer. He was one of the first to implement a strict policy prioritizing academic achievement - "No Pass, No Play;" and he meant it. 

His Impact: Lives changed

The youth that participated in the Buffalo Pioneers Track & Field Club knew Coach Sevillian had their backs, where they were supported, nurtured into adulthood. Youth had a safe place to grow and reach their goals in life. 

As a result of his dedication to the youth of Buffalo, there are countless generations of successful adults and families that have been impacted.  He always had an encouraging word to uplift his community and never, ever would he accept "I can't" as an excuse for doing your best.  Today, he is responsible for hundreds of his athletes receiving academic and athletic scholarships to college and beyond to become outstanding citizens, judges, lawyers, NBA referees, teachers, entrepreneurs and community leaders. 


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