about us the people behind our non-profit

The Hank Sevillian Foundation is supported by everyone whose life he touched.  We all are dedicated to continue his work in the Buffalo Community.  In addition to the board members, several members of the Buffalo Pioneers Track Club have volunteered to continue his work as coaches and mentors to the next generation of student athletes. 


Board Members

After Hank’s passing, the organization is being carried forward by his son, Duane “Duke” Sevillian, and two members of the Buffalo Pioneers Track & Field Club.

Econuel Ingram

Cheryl Maria Gandy

Duane "Duke" Sevillian

The Foundation’s Mission

Our mission is to expand the dream of Hank Sevillian to include more AAU track meets in the City of Buffalo.  We are partnered with the Johnnie B. Wiley Foundation to focus on character building and academic achievement.  We will also include events for disabled athletes similar to the Paralympics.   We want to make a difference in the lives of the youth in Buffalo and Western NY. 

get involved

Drop us a line for more information on how you can get involved.  

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