The Hank Sevillian Track and Field Invitational

track and field invitational SPRING 2024

Hank Sevillian Foundation is organizing a track and field invitational, hosted by the Buffalo Pioneers Track and Field Club.  The event will have athletes from various institutions compete for track and field excellence.

We Need Your Support

We encourage community engagement and  are in need of timers, judges, guides, and community organizers who can help make the event a seamless experience.

The importance of Track and Field

Exposure to track and field helps build comradery and team work.  Everyone should be flexible enough to participate in field events as well as track events.  Coach Sevillian excelled in all the field events - triple jump, shot put, javelin, and the high jump. 

As part of the Buffalo Pioneers Track Club, all members will participate in track and field events.  Yes, we will include adults as part of our team as athletes, mentors and coaches.  

Female Sprinter

The Event

When: May 10, 2022; Opening Ceremony:  Time TBD
Where: Hank Sevillian Track & Field at Johnny B. Wiley 


To learn more about the upcoming invitational, please contact us today.  We look forward to your participation and support.  


We Need your support

We are looking for community support!  We need your participation and excitement as well as your financial support